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'EPIC' View of Africa and Europe from a Million Miles Away

Hello, hello, beautiful listeners to Entrepreneurs Talk Africa. Lately, we had people coming to us asking what was happening. Their Monday jolt of African entrepreneurship goodness had disappeared!

Well, yes… and no! Yes, because we did not published like we used to in the past (Swiss clock). No, because we are still there (African toughness)… Now, let’s call a spade a spade!

We love you, we love podcasting, we love Africa, and we love entrepreneurship.

But, podcasting is like finding a four-leaf clover in a 2-hectare field. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources, and all that we could find were three-leaf ones.

But that did not stop us, because we knew we had diamonds in our hands.

So we went into stealth mode…

fighter jet during daytime
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… and invested time to think. Think about the direction we wanted for Entrepreneurs Talk Africa. We looked at our achievements over the last 2 years (mostly of pandemic)…

… and thought it was the right time to move to our second stage of growth. During these last two years, we learned to walk, it was now time to learn to run and enter some running competition. Over the last two months, we thought, worked and are now almost ready to unveil our next seasons… creating, growing, funding, crafting unicorns, innovating, inventing the world of tomorrow today!

Stay tuned. Subscribe to the show so you don’t miss the next seasons. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss our coming announcement. Exciting news ahead!

Exciting News
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