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Hello, hello, beautiful listeners to Entrepreneurs Talk Africa. Lately, we had people coming to us asking what was happening. Their Monday jolt of African entrepreneurship goodness had disappeared! Well, yes… and no! Yes, because we did not published like we used to in the past (Swiss clock). No, because we

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Top Pick Week

More than 70 episodes later, we wanted to look back. By looking back, we thought it was fair to celebrate with all of you, the audience we built over the last 18 months. We all know life happens whether you listen to Entrepreneurs Talk Africa or not, and you may

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Healthcare in Africa – With Elisha Kuchar and Marcel Kadoche

With more that one billion people, Africa is a continent with many opportunities and challenges. Sub-saharan Africa’s healthcare systems remains inaccessible to most African citizens despite billions of dollars in funding. An Israeli startup, Key Africa, has decided to tackle this issue and in this episode we had the privilege to

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Social Impact Ecosystem Builder – With Leyla Karaha

Leyla’s story, like the one of many entrepreneurs, is paved with good intentions and hardships. Having worked in nonprofits and being a born activist, she naturally joined her accounting and finance skills with social endeavours by creating YourY Network, a global community of social entrepreneurs and changemakers. Leyla’s is one

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Societal Innovation – With Thomas Berman

In this episode, we bring Impact forward as a key topic with Thomas Berman, the Innovation Director at Impact Katapult Mauritius, a founding member of Regeneration Mauritius,  Regeneration Mauritius is a partnership for people, communities and companies who  aim to make Mauritius a regional hub for sustainable innovation in food systems. Thomas

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