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This is episode focuses on growth and how to unleash it. Every startuper and entrepreneur wants to grow his/her business, us at Entrepreneurs Talk Africa included. But how do you do it? We had to ask somebody who did it, not only once, but multiple times. We had the pleasure to discuss growth and acceleration with a serious serial entrepreneur, and we are delighted to share this conversation with Raghavendra Hunasgi.

Raghav is a global Marketing and Branding expert helping Fortune 500 companies unleash the power of insight-driven marketing. A globally-renowned entrepreneur published author and an in-demand speaker at TEDx and conferences around the globe. He is a 21st-century leader and influencer whose words and work in the field of marketing and branding are helping organizations leapfrog to the next level. 

He is ranked amongst the top 100 CMO’s in the world. He speaks and writes enthusiastically about brand strategy, entrepreneurship, product innovation, growth marketing, and Sales. His work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.

Raghav has advised three presidents and two prime ministers, Forbes listed him as a top social media influencer, the United Nations inducted him as a digital evangelist, the Harvard Business School alumni – named Growth Marketing Zen Master, and India’s leading media house Economic Times top 100 business thinkers of India. 

 Raghav is a serial entrepreneur and has built and sold two successful companies. He has driven the explosive growth for many organizations and enjoys teaching Marketing, Branding, and strategy in several universities across – India, Korea, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, he also serves on the board of many public listed and privately held companies.

For all our listeners, Raghav is offering is latest book, Unleashing Growth, 15 Growth Marketing Hacks Every Entrepreneur Should Know.

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