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The Importance of Coherence – With Coralie Marti

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Pivoting is an important aspect of any venture. We start with an idea and then a few weeks of months later, we find our market and pivot. In this episode, young entrepreneur Coralie Marti, from Gemstone, walks us through her entrepreneurship journey and focus on coherence.

Coralie goes back memory lane to explain how it all started and how she quickly realized the original idea was going nowhere. Although the experience can be profoundly disturbing and destabilizing, it’s central to the learning process. And learning is at the heart of what Gemstone, Coralie’s company, is doing.

You will discover gems in this episode that will resonate with your own experience. It will teach you that whatever you’re doing, your soul needs to tell you that you’re doing what you need to do. Stay coherent!

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