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Big Sharks and Small Fishes – With Djiba Diallo

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Djiba is currently a Senior FinTech Advisor at Ecobank Transnational. Before joining Ecobank, Djiba worked at Microsoft for over 10 years, as Developer and Platform Evangelist and then Head of Innovation Microsoft4Afrika, where she helped built the strategy to Identify and attract most successful Startup and Partners in Africa to the Microsoft Cloud platform.

In this episode of the podcast, we cover the Ecobank Innovation Challenge and understand how startup can collaborate with a large company like Ecobank. There are lots of fears when it comes with working with large corporations, starting with the one that they have the means to copy an idea and execute it faster. But the reality is a lot different and Djiba explains how.

Djiba comes with a lot of advice on how to prepare the company and its staff to work with a large bank like Ecobank. She explains what startups can expect and what they can learn and benefit from the experience. Collaboration is not a mere dream, it’s a reality that can help the company scale faster, reach global market, and get investment ready.

Enjoy and learn how to be a small fish in a big pond!

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