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Social Impact Ecosystem Builder – With Leyla Karaha

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Leyla’s story, like the one of many entrepreneurs, is paved with good intentions and hardships. Having worked in nonprofits and being a born activist, she naturally joined her accounting and finance skills with social endeavours by creating YourY Network, a global community of social entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Leyla’s is one of the of the organisers of the Techstars Startup Week that takes place in Dar es Salaam from 9th to 13th of August. Due to the pandemic, the Dar Startup Week is actually online. By clicking the link above, you can register and attend one of the 20+ sessions free of charge!

In this episode, we go over the YourY Network (you’ll discover the play of words if you listen till the end), its genesis, the concept of social entrepreneurship and how it defers from Corporate Social Responsibility, and many other themes. Enjoy this episode with Leyla Karaha!

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