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We can argue that without technology there’s no art. We need to learn how to paint to become a painter and paper to become a writer (although most writers write on a computer nowadays, but this is another story). However, there’s nothing farther away from computer technology than art, you might think.

Well, beyond the famous legaltech, edutech, fintech and the likes, we now find artech, and no, it’s not (yet) another NFT discussion, although it might in the future. In this episode, we welcome Alexia Walker and Karabo Morule, co-founders of Capital Art, a venture to help private and corporate art collectors to manage and better grow the value of their art collections. With a clear focus on African art, Capital art is a different kind of startups.

However, not only, you’ll learn more about African art, you’ll discover that a startup is a startup and our founders have made incredible discoveries on their journey, that do not fundamentally differ from any other companies. Enjoy this new episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa.

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