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African Startups and Big Tech – With Yvonne Bettkober

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In this episode, we welcome Yvonne Bettkober, from Cameroon, who is the General Manager of Amazon Web Services Switzerland. We cannot but think about all the young professionals in Africa who dream about having a great career in tech and drive their own success! Yvonne is a real role model!

Yvonne discusses at length how technology can be an enable for many challenges faced by Africa. She explains how Africa is a startup,  and why we need a more connected economy to the needs of the people.

We come to the root of the startup way of thinking: Think Big, Invent and Simplify, Start from the Customer.  We explore what makes success in life. Yvonne describes simple ideas: working hard, being obsessed, not looking for the easy path, being resilient, making a difference and an impact…

And we explore what those ideas mean through three dimensions:  Intelligence, Energy, and  Integrity. An episode packed with powerful words from one of the top African women leaders. 

You can find more on Amazon Web Services in Africa at

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