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His love for the arts and his passion for story telling has always been his motivation and influenced his decision to divert from political science to pursue journalism. The constant interaction with individuals from various countries and cultures have shaped how he views the world and has greatly contributed to his success as a multimedia journalist.

Briefly after graduation, he worked his way to becoming the managing editor of a community newspaper in the Washington Metro area. In 2012, he permanently relocated to Ghana and was lead video & photo reporter for Ghana Decides, a non-partisan social media project to cover Ghana’s presidential elections.

Emmanuel has led business development and served as multimedia journalist with Global Media Alliance. He is the co-host of a radio program, MPwr show, which engages young African leaders in weekly discussions, highlighting their successes, sharing their challenges, and fostering positive habits among this generation of change-makers.

Emmanuel is the Director for Digital and Design Innovation at the Impact Hub Accra/Broadcasting Board of Governors Innovation Lab in Accra. He is the Founding Executive Director of Urithi Labs, a research-intuitive outfit that uses innovation in media to educate, empower and employ on the African continent.

Emmanuel works as a faculty member with the University of Stellenbosch – Executive Education on digital reputation management, he runs a podcast “Unpacking Africa” that interviews and explores multi-stakeholders in multiple industries across the African continent.



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