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Launching a Fintech Startup in Africa – With Justin Lock

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Take a young business school graduate from Cameroon. The logic would be to get a job in a big firm and strike a great career. But this was not the calling of Justin Lock. During his studies, Justin saw an opportunity in disrupting the remittance space that was clogged with few actors and high fees.

Justin founded Kamix to change the way Africans and the diaspora exchange money. In this episode, Justin walks us from Yaoundé to Paris and San Francisco, explains the struggles and successes of an African startup and his views on the future of money and Kamix.

If you aspire to start your own venture, listen with fascination to Justin. FIlled with unconventional wisdom and experience, Kamix and Justin are fascinating. We wish them best of luck and all the success they deserve.

You can find Justin and Kamix online at

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