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Unleashing Successful African Startups – with McKevin Ayaba

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In this episode, we welcome and listen with fascination to McKevin Ayaba. McKevin is the CEO of “Setup a startup,” the CEO and co-founder of the “Southern Africa Startup Awards,” the Co-founder of the “House of Hope” orphanage in Cameroon and a Global Goodwill Ambassador. Add to this that he’s a Certified ITIL practitioner, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, and VMWare Certified Professional. You will understand that my head was spinning and that we were blessed to have with us a real African serial entrepreneur.

But beyond the shiny title and series of companies McKevin has founded, his mojo is all around “making an impact.” As an African entrepreneur, he’s seen how startups can create jobs and unleash true potential of people. This is what drove him in all his ventures: Realising potential and making an impact! But creating a startup isn’t an easy journey. So the idea behind Setup a startup was to create a place that can support and help those startup grow, and make them “investment ready.”

McKevin is all about building an ecosystem that enables job creation, impact delivery and passion pursuit. In this fascinating interview, we walk the various paths of startup creation, McKevin’s involvement in the non-profit world to give back and many other insightful topics. Buckle your seatbelts and enjoyed this unabridged edition of McKevin Ayaba’s interview!

Here are a few online places where you can find McKevin


Global startup awards

Southern african startup awards (SASA)

House of hope

Make a difference productions

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