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The future of African Public Transportation – With Mary Mwangi

If you’ve ever been in any African metropolitan area, you’ve experienced traffic and possible public transportation. Now, if you compare this to any other metropolitan area in the US or Europe, well, there are big differences. Our discussion today with Mary Mwangi, founder of Data Integrated Ltd, focuses on African transport system

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SMEs in Africa – With Guy Daines, a.k.a. Silverfox

Originally from Zimbabwe, Guy Daines is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur and coach. In this episode, Guy shares his years of experience as an entrepreneur and business strategist. From early stage ventures to long-term strategies, from simple successes to failures, Guy distills his unique wisdom. The life of an entrepreneur is often seen

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Angel Investors – with Abu Cassim

Money is a crucial part of any company, but probably even more for startups who generally start their operations on a shoestring. In this episode, we discuss with Abu Cassim, founder and CEO of Jozi Angels, a business angel organization in Johannesburg, South Africa. Abu has invested in dozens of startups

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Entrepreneurship and Leadership Education – With Lucy Scott

Are you born an entrepreneur, can we learn entrepreneurship or are we made entrepreneurs? To answer this question, we welcome a young professional who is in charge of the student venture project at the African Leadership University in Mauritius. Coming from a liberal art and alternative education background, nothing predestined

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